Monday, February 2, 2009


One of the to be expected things about capitalism: It knows how to throw a going out of business sale. So, I've been doing an amazing amount of shopping (which I normally detest), and one of my minor dreams came true. Office Depot's closing not only allowed me to stock up on a variety of different actual essentials, but it allowed me to buy one of those absurdly expensive pens that they keep locked up in a glass case, for relatively cheap. (To be slightly more precise, I bought a Cross Century II Rollerball). Now, I know most of you are like me: poor penniless graduate students dreaming of the revolution. But, some of you might know rich Marxists, or even better, social scientists, or best of all, actual scientists, who might have money and a fetish for amazingly nice pens.

So, the question: What's the best pen out there? For real.