Thursday, February 25, 2010

Critique outside of anthropocentrism: Butler on Whitehead

There is an amazing lecture given by Judith Butler on Whitehead.

I should not have even taken the time to listen to this yet (I am trying to finish up applications to get funding for next year). But I wanted to suggest this lecture. I think it is by far the strongest and most philosophical explanation of Butler's (rather recent) non-anthropocentric ontology.

24 mins in starts Whitehead on the non-human.

31 mins in starts an explanation of Butler's own work.

49 mins in are a series of propositions of what we can do with a twisted ontology of the human and the non-human.

Q&A (very interesting) starts 51 mins in.

Hopefully I will give a longer analysis and explanation later. But I am on an anti-blogging regime until my applications are done (funding next year needs to be focused on).

I look forward to seeing other people reflections on this, particularly those who know Whitehead better than I.