Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Post of Links

Craig has a copy of his paper up, "What's so Critical About Critical Animal Studies". Hopefully a longer response from me is forthcoming.

Adrian and Peter both have responses to my comments about Bennett's ch. 7. Adrian is here, and Peter is here. Thanks to both of them for their comments. I do plan to post on chapter 8 and also the book as a whole within this coming week. I know that is a week late, and I want to thank both of them for keeping the reading group focused and on time. Also, Adrian has a final wrap up here.

Ben Woodard and Tim Morton have a new journal, Thinking Nature. The first CFP is here. I like the title of the journal, it has wonderful double meaning. Both thinking about nature, but also nature that thinks. Nature becomes both a subject and object of thinking, which is pretty great.

Lastly, My Brightest Diamond performing the classic, "Feeling Good." From the amazing compilation album, Dark was the Night.