Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Post of Links

I have waited too long to do this one, which means that I will inevitably miss far more than I normally do. There is a lot of cool and interesting things that have happened since I did the last one, and if I forget to add something you did, it is not at all an indication of the importance I give to your work. With that said...

HJM has an essay up at 7S webzine on drinking.

Jason Wirth reviews Devin Shaw's book on Schelling. Hopefully one day his book will get into paperback so the rest of us will need to read it.

Over at Critical Legal Thinking is an interesting post on Sovereignty & its Ground. From the beginning: "Metaphysics was meant to have died a long time ago, to have been awarded an esteemed position in the philosophical cannon but ushered off the stage of world-history with the King’s head. But it is still to be found lurking persistently in the most public of places, hiding in the broad daylight of everyday speech and accepted ideas, in court rooms and the great offices of State."

I suggest this from Harman, and this follow up from Peter Gratton. Here is the key quotation from Harman:
The other strategy that I disagree with is the Leiteresque strategy of saying that analytic philosophy doesn’t exist, which is kind of like Darth Vader saying that “the Empire doesn’t exist.” It’s simply an attempt to deny that there is any rebellion, and to try to dismiss the rebellion as nothing but a low-quality version of something the Empire already does better. In other words, “continental philosophy done in continental departments is crap, and you need to go to study with analytic philosophers who happen to work on Heidegger, Hegel, Nietzsche, etc.”

Here are the videos of the CUNY Speculative Realism talks.

Jason Read has an interesting (rather old, now) post on Contagion.

Speaking of Jason Read, here is him doing a teach-in at Occupy Main.

Speaking of the occupation, here are some other posts.

Here is a collection of links put together by MLA. I'm not going to repeat any of those links, so go read it.

Ben Woodard has an interesting and useful post on OWS over here. Different than a lot of other stuff being said, worth reading.

Sometimes I feel I should be writing on the Occupation, but I don't have a lot new or interesting to say. Right now, the occupation is something to root for, support, participate in. And at some point, I am sure I will theorize more about it. But not right now.

I don't have anything really interesting to share about this, but here is an article that argues that Utilitarians have some sort of sociopath tendencies.

Lastly, here is your safety tip reminder of the day. Figure out some basic cloud security and do it.

Tapes 'n Tapes with Badaboom. I can't seem to stop listening.