Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Biblography on Derrida on animals

EJ on a recent post about early and late Derrida asked for more sources where Derrida talks about animals. I think that is something we could all benefit from. So, I am sure I have not tracked them all down, and hope some of you can add stuff I have missed. Also, Derrida frequently had small discussions of animals that don't exactly make into a sustained work (a long and interesting footnote in The Postcard, for example. A couple of references in Glas, etc.), and not to mention other works that are not specifically about animals but go out their way to refuse an anthropocentrism that another author might have created. I know I should work out all the listing by original publication date (or alpha by title), but I'm lazy and this is a blog post. So, I won't worry about it here for the rough draft, hopefully as we collect a fuller list, I will work it into a more useful format.

All works by Derrida:

"Eating Well" (an interview with Jean-Luc Nancy)

"On the Limits of Digestion" (an interview with Daniel Birnbaum and Anders Olsson, and I have to say I found out that Derrida used the trope of digestion in his later lectures only after I had always started to do so).


"The Ends of Man"

The Animal That Therefore I Am

The Sovereign and the Beast

On Touching, Jean-Luc Nancy

Of Spirit

"Heidegger's Hand (Geschlecht II)"

"Heidegger's Ear: Philopolemology (Geschlect IV)"

The chapter "Violence Against Animals" in For What Tomorrow (with Elisabeth Roudinesco)


Obviously his lectures on cannibalism and eating the other probably also contain some work on animals, but I have been unable to track down publications of those lecture series in either French or English, anyone know if they are somewhere?

Alright, what have I missed?