Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Calarco has a response up, and more on The Inhumanities

Calarco has a generous and long response up over at The Inhumanities. His hope is to make a response for each chapter, which is exciting for me. We are running late on the Heidegger chapter, but Craig has been dealing with some stuff connected to the actual immediate welfare of living, breathing animals. So, I think we can all be happy to wait a few days for the Heidegger post in that world. We are still trying to map out future projects, and I think we have the germs of some excellent ideas, but announcements will wait until things firm up some. However, if you have any ideas for future projects for The Inhumanities, or want to be more actively involved in future projects, drop me an email or email us all at
You will also notice that we have a weekly round-up feature, in which we hope to highlight some of the important developments and future projects in the realm of Critical Animal Studies. That feature cannot survive without people promoting and sharing their own work, conferences, and publications, as well as sharing those they run into. Don't hesistate to drop us emails or make comments for useful things to be included in the weekly-round ups.

Lastly, there seems to be some confusion as to what I want to go by or what I want to be called. Something rather so straight forward as a name shouldn't cause so much confusion, sorry. I don't care about my pseudo-anonymity anymore, so if you want to call me "James," feel free. Also, "Scu" is a long-term nickname that many people call me in real life. And "Critical Animal" is fine, but I reserve the right to laugh without control if anyone ever calls me that in real life.