Thursday, September 3, 2009

On my pseudo-anonymity

I post under the name "Scu" which is a nickname that many people call me in real life, and I've had since I was 15. Anyone who exchanges emails with me sees my real name, and I never care about any of that stuff. Right now this is mostly because any future job chances I might have (assuming I somehow get an interview despite going to a non-major named public university), I am not sure it is a good idea for someone to be able to google my name and suddenly bring up all my blogging adventures. Not because I think I post embarrassing things here, but because I post almost exclusively unpolished things here. I basically treat blogging as chatting in a bar, except with less cursing and more sobriety. I have firm rules about not rereading or editing posts before pressing the post button, and in general not being concerned about seeming the fool, caring about spelling or grammar, etc.
So, would have a long term, maybe interesting, academic blog help me at all for future job stalkers? Or potentially hurt me? My guess has been no and yes respectively. Am I wrong?