Sunday, April 4, 2010

Don't Tell Them Ybor City Almost Killed Us Again

I spent most of last week in Tampa trying to find a wedding venue. While no money has exchanged hands, it looks like it will be at El Circulo Cubano de Tampa in Ybor City, and I am pretty excited about the whole thing. However, that means I basically didn't follow blog posts for the last week. It looked like the Dundee conference was a big hit. Otherwise, if there is anything I missed, let me know. Self-promotion is always encouraged.

Blogging will remain light for a while. I need to finish up a conference paper, and then am leaving town for a couple of conferences. I will be at the ICAS conference at SUNY-Cortland this Saturday (if anyone is around, let me know), and then I will be at the PIC conference the following weekend. I had originally planned to be at the Cornell Theory Reading Group conference the weekend after that, but they rejected my proposal. No reason was given, so I'll assume they had enough papers that addressed their theme from the theoretical traditions of decolonial philosophy and critical animal studies.

Also, if anyone is interested in having a platform to share their ideas for the next two weeks, let me know. I'd be glad to have a guest blogger while I'm gone. (Basically no one ever takes me up on that offer, but it is sincere).

Oh yeah, just in case you didn't get the reference of the title of the post: