Monday, August 9, 2010

Vegan Weddings

There is a recent article from the NYTimes on vegan and vegetarian weddings. It would hardly be worth commenting on if, you know, I wasn't currently planning my own vegan wedding. The whole article is a little confusing to me. Why would anyone expect vegans and vegetarians to serve flesh at their wedding? The line that bothered me the most wasn't a quotation, but from the article itself:
Which decision a couple makes depends largely on their philosophy of weddings: Is it really all about you, or does the comfort of your guests come first?

Wtf? The biggest single price item for our wedding, by far, is paying for the food. We spent a lot of time finding a dynamic, creative, and talented caterer to make the food. The food is going to be good, and plentiful. We have spent a lot of time thinking about the comfort of our guests. Just because we don't want a time of love and celebration to be tainted by the flesh and juices of other animals, doesn't mean we aren't doing everything in power to put on an awesome party for our friends and family. As a matter of fact, why would an amazing meal that just happens to be free of animals and animal products somehow be at the expense of our guests? Why would an amazing meal without flesh be a discomfort for the guest, unless of course, they are addicts? In which case this is the same as choosing a venue where they would have to smoke outside.

Though in other good wedding news, we recently chose to have a 17 piece big band play at our wedding. Here is a video with them performing and some stills of the band and singer.