Monday, February 7, 2011

A Post of Links

The problem about not doing updates very often, is that I lose a lot for my Post of Links. So, feel free to promote links in the comments.

There is a new blog to add to your readers: Lines of Fracture. Among academic blogging, this blog is somewhat unique. It is a group blog composed primarily of debaters, and features many high schoolers and undergraduates engaging heavily with continental philosophy and radical politics. You should check it out.

Graham Harman has been an amazing resource on what is going on in Egypt. So, check out his blog regularly.

Mark Bittman has given up his old column as The Minimalist, and is now focusing full time on food politics. Here is his first column. And here is his blog post reflecting on reactions to that shift.

Many of you have read here and elsewhere arguments that violence towards other animals leads to violence against other humans. Or at least there are connections. In ways that can only be described as weird, Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-CA) has combined those thoughts with a thorough-going xenophobia. Check out this Mother Jones article.

Bruno Latour was interviewed in The Hindu. Highly worth reading. (h/t Anthem).

This posts song is from Amanda Palmer, remixed by Peaches and the Young Punx. If that wasn't warning enough, this video might be what they call not safe for work (though I watched it at work, so who knows). Also, Amanda Palmer and Peaches should let you know how awesome this video is. Here is the "Map of Tasmania".