Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Post of Links

First up, The Time of Revolution and the Revolution of Time has an official conference blog. Not much there yet, but check it out.

Graham Harman announces a new Speculative Realism book series. Check his blog out for the details. His book on Meillassoux is set to be the first book of the series, and I am pretty excited for it. Speaking of first books, Levi's The Democracy of Objects is soon to be released by the OHP's New Metaphysics series. What is the difference between those two series, you ask? Well, Graham has the distinction as well.

Speaking of books I am totally psyched to read when they come out, Stuart Elden has a final draft of the The Birth of Territory.

Do you have any talented philosophical undergraduated from under represented groups? Well, encourage them to apply to the PISKI summer program. (h/t Feminist Philosophers)

Richard Twine & co recently set up a list of works dealing with Foucault & Animals. While not entirely complete, it is still remarkably thorough. Eric says he wants to do the same with Derrida at some point. I feel that will be a much bigger job.

Speaking of Eric and Foucault, he has an essay of some of his recent work with Foucault. Check it out.

In a similar vein, you have to read MLA's post on Thinking through Sovereignty and Governmentality.

A new journal of critical history, entitled History of the Present, has details up for potential submitters. It seems really exciting. (h/t Elden)

I have been on a huge glam rock kick since I posted my last video of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. So, here is Butch Walker performing "Ladies and Gentlemen... The Let Go Out Tonites!"
It's live, because that is the only way to listen to Butch Walker: