Friday, September 16, 2011

A Post of Links

Haven't done one of these in a while. I feel behind. Remember, share anything with me you think I may be missing. Self-promotion is always encouraged.

CK has a post up about cooking shows, and the meat that is featured in them. I highly suggest going and reading it. Basically, he sums up my own ability to dissociate myself from the flesh in cooking shows that I cannot do in the case of the flesh of the grocery store. Perhaps an interesting extension of this would be to figure out why there are times I cannot keep that dissociation going with even a cooking show.

Levi's book, The Democracy of Objects, is finally out (at least the html version). Check it out.

Over the summer, HJM of Prodigies and Monsters got an article published in Rhizomes entitled, "The Becoming-Woman of the Young-Girls:Revisiting Riot Grrrl, Rethinking Girlhood." I think this article continues HJM's trademark ability to combine complex political and identity theory (in this case, particularly the work of French anarcho-communist collective Tiqqun) with the lived theory of punks, queers, misfits, outcasts, artists, monsters, and everyday existence. In other words, go read it.

Adam has a long interview/post up at his blog on trying to rethink vegan praxis. I hope to write some thoughts on it in the future, but until then you should go check it out.

APS has an excellent post on academic translations.

Speaking of monsters (and aren't we always speaking of that?), over at Pop Matters is a short article on our cultural obsession with vampires, zombies, and viruses. (h/t This Cage is Worms)

Jean Kazez has an interesting post on the ethics of lying and misleading people in order to get them to act in ethical ways. It is worth reading.

Over at Kdebate is an interview with Bill Spanos on policy debate the activity, but also on the very existence of policy debate in our political reality. Worth reading even if you don't engage with academic policy debate. And of course, if you do debate, you have to read it. Mandatory.

Did you know they found new fossils that changes a lot of what we believe about humans, ancestry, and all of that? Yeah? Cool. Paleontology basically continues to disturb the fundamental and existential uniqueness of homo sapiens.

This post from David Graeber is worth reading. This is on his theory about the invention of money, and it is really smart.

Lastly, Kathy Rudy (promoting her new book Loving Animals [which continues to believe we can eat those we love]) has made a post on the Univ. of Minnesota's Press blog. I am planning a longer response later, but Carol Adams and Erik Marcus already have responses up.

Wild Flag, a new band including ex-members of the bands Sleater-Kinney, Helium and The Minders, has their first single out. Not only is a great song, but I am a big fan of the music video.