Monday, June 7, 2010

A Post of Links

I leave for GA tomorrow for my sister's wedding. Blogging will be light to non-existent while I'm gone.

Ben is up with his post on chapter 4 on Vibrant Matter. I wish he'd expand his critical comments, because I am interested, but I am unclear what he is arguing for. Regardless, looking forward to his comments on the next chapter.

William Gibson has mostly given up blogging to embrace twitter, but this blog post on future fatigue is wonderful. It is smart and somewhat rambling. It stands firm against teleology and utopianism (an interesting stance for a sci-fi writer, which he gets into somewhat). It also has this little gem:
The synthetic genome, arguably artificial life, was somehow less amazing. The sort of thing one feels might already have been achieved, somehow. Triggering the “Oh, yeah” module. “Artificial life? Oh, yeah.”

Though these scientists also inserted a line of James Joyce’s prose into their genome. That triggers a sense of the surreal, in me at least. They did it to incorporate a yardstick for the ongoing measurement of mutation. So James Joyce’s prose is now being very slowly pummelled into incoherence by cosmic rays.

Ian Bogost recently had an interesting post on self-branding when you do interdisciplinary work. Very interesting, and I had hoped to get around to writing a blog post about the differences of how these conversations go when you work on video games, versus when you work on something that is immediately polarizing.

Most of you seemed to really enjoy the link to Feminist Hulk. Well, just in case you missed it. Feminist Hulk has a delightful interview with Ms. Magazine. Well worth the read.

I've recently been finding and trying to figure out the best version of "St. James Infirmary Blues". Long one of my favorite songs, I have no doubt this has been inspired by how much I have enjoyed watching Treme. Right now, Snooks Eaglin has been winning the battle of the best (sung) version.