Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Isabelle Stengers' books

Following up on my last post, MLA let me know of more Stengers' books coming out in English translation. I have been really excited by what I see as Stengers new popularity in the Anglophone world. Along with Latour, she is a brilliant and eclectic philosopher who has too long been regulated to exclusively the STS world, and seems to only recently discovered as a thinker in her own right.

Volume two of Cosmopolitics is coming out. This is great to see this series fully translated, even if Stengers is moving a bit beyond it in her more recent work.

Also, her book Thinking with Whitehead will be out shortly. I haven't read it, and am very excited to do so.

In this discussion, I told MLA that I wanted her co-authored book on capitalism and sorcery. Then, I looked and it is already in translation! It is also very expensive (so if anyone wants someone to review it for them for a copy of the book, let me know!). Nevertheless, her book on Capitalist Sorcery is already out!