Sunday, May 8, 2011

PhiloSophia Conference wrap up

I think it was a splendid conference, and I think all the conference organizers should be proud of a job well done. I saw a lot of great papers, sat on an excellent Judith Butler panel, and many wonderful conversations. I am also firmly of the belief that more conferences need to end in margaritas, veggie tacos, and a dance party. I treated the conference like a secret animal conference, and I think it says a lot about changes in the field that I can go to a conference not on animals and still manage to see about a paper a panel on animals. Though a lot of that, no doubt, is do to the influence of Kelly Oliver, whom I wished I had a chance to speak to. And all the Vanderbilt students I meet were considerably friendly and I think a lot of smart things are going on with those students. I did get to meet Dr. J, though sadly briefly. Though I just heard about potential flooding in Memphis, so I hope everything is all right. Lastly, I did get to meet Cindy Willett, who is remarkably nice person and doing very interesting work. Indeed, all the Emory students I meet and talked with generous and intelligent.

I know that because of change in geography the make up of the conference will be different next year, if I can find the funds to go, I will certainly plan to try and attend next year's PhiloSophia.