Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Post of Links

I get married a month from today, craziness.

Sometimes I give thought to what order to post these links, but today I will simply be doing it in order of the tabs I have up (so no order at all).

Here are some interesting thoughts on the idea of the education 'bubble'. I highly suggest reading it. I continue to feel that the use of the word bubble is provocative, but ultimately inaccurate. Bubbles need to be fueled by speculative capital, which isn't the case with much of the educational system in the US. However, higher ed is both increasingly a major web of the economy, while at the same time is financially unstable over the mid- to long-term.

Speculations II is out. Obviously awesome, both on the inside and the outside. Go and look.

Maybe you don't know, but the blog about What It Is Like To Be A Woman In Philosophy has a sister blog, What We Are Doing About What It Is Like. Go look, and hopefully contribute. If you are interested in making comments about how to improve the blog experience, go contribute over here.

Researchers discover 66 communicative gestures that chimps use in the wild. (h/t MLA)

Here is Mark Bittman on the 'ag-gag' laws. For those of you not keeping up, several state legislators are considering making undercover videos of cruelty to animals in slaughterhouses and factory farms illegal. Thankfully Florida's measure has failed, but several more states are still considering their bills.

JCAS has a new issue, this one focused on Continental philosophy and critical animal studies. The collection seems excellent, and I highly suggest taking a look.

Speaking of CAS, here is the cfp for the second annual European Conference for Critical Animal Studies.

I heard about this when I was at the conference, but I didn't have all the details. However, it seems that PhiloSophia is now a journal, as well!

This is very cool, a list of works of Paolo Virno in English!

Levi has been interviewed over at the New APPS, as always these are wonderful and smart interviews.

The American Values project has its own website. Go take a look, and maybe contribute!

I can't remember if I linked to this beautiful and powerful look at Diamond Ring's "It's Not My Party", and more generally on queer trauma. Go read, and take a look at the official music video. I, however, prefer the song in acoustic mode, so here is Diamond Rings playing "It's Not My Party,"