Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Being gone, and a couple of links.

I had meant to be able to post more from the interesting comments from my becoming-vegan/vegetarian post, but that is going to have to be put on hold for a couple of days. I'm traveling to Boca Rotan, FL to find a place there to move to (if anyone has any suggestions of what I should do there or where I should eat, let me know). I should have internet at the hotel room, so some blogging should still get done. However, between searching for a place, and actually moving later this month, I am going to be gone a lot. If anyone is interested in posting blogs from here, you should drop me an email. I don't keep track of hits, and have no clue how many people actually read my blog. But, if you are interested (or just want to drop me an email anyway) thescu[at]gmail[dot]com

Before I forget, Levi made a post responding to my earlier post. Also, Greg has a post, responding to my post. Both of their posts are great, so if you haven't already, check them out.