Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No more OOPs?!

Graham Harman has purposed a new name for what he does, Ontography. Nice, but it might means I have to stop making my OOPs joke. Promise me, if you ever create an official group for what you do, to call it the object-oriented philosophy society, or OOPS, okay?

I am about to catch a plane, but there are at least two more blog posts I want to do (I'm telling you all about it so you can harass me to post them if you are interested).

One is that I read Shaviro's little research project, and it reminded me of the work he was doing about a year ago arguing that Hardt and Negri inverts Marx's metaphorics in regards to the monstrous. In the time since he wrote those posts, I've read a very interesting essay by Negri, "The Political Monster," that specifically addresses that charge.

The other post is exploring a bit of my problems with Heidegger, particularly with my problem of Heidegger's notion of philosophy, and his notion of being and doing philosophy. These things, more than any philosophical argument themselves, has been what has repulsed me from Heidegger.

See you all later.