Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Post of Links

Out of town, so this will be quick.

The new issue of Foucault Studies is out, and boy is it worthwhile.

Chloƫ Taylor has an article out on late Foucault and the issues of self vis-a-vis eating animals. Most of you know I've done a lot of work on this area. Here is a link to the essay (.pdf).

Stephen Thierman has an article that is also in an area I've done a lot of work on, using Foucault's notion of apparatuses to think through the slaughterhouse. Here is a link to the essay (.pdf).

Also, friend of the blog Elliot A. Jarbe has a review of Ed Cohen's A Body Worth Defending. I liked Cohen's book more than Elliot did, but worth reading both. Link (.pdf).

JCAS is having a special issue on Animals and Prisons. Here is the cfp. I have a great deal of interest in this topic, but I don't think I will have time to write something up for it.

There are more posts on the DeLanda reading group, I'm linking to Levi because he has a shout out to me in that post. Agriculture is certainly an interesting topic in general. There is often a push to make my work more directly about agricultural, but while highly bound up with what I do, there is a certain level of discreteness between what I am talking about and what Levi is talking about. Nevertheless, I certainly indict the monoculturalism that occurs alongside Chicago's packing industry (and the work of Vandava Shiva is pretty important here). Also, I suggest Ellen Meiksins Wood's The Origins of Capitalism, and Wallerstein's book on agriculture and the world-market.

Well, I drove down to Boca Raton to see my fiance and help her move. So, here is Murder by Death with I'm Comin' Home.