Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thinking about Animals: 10th Institute for Critical Animal Studies conference at Brock University

The Department of Sociology at Brock University is issuing a Call for Papers for a conference on *Thinking About Animals* to be held March 31 and April 1, 2011 at Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
This two-day conference will explore a variety of issues concerning the current and historical situation of nonhuman animals and interactions with humans.

The Department is organizing this conference with the assistance of the Office of the Dean of Social Sciences, the Departments of English, Political Science, History and Visual Arts, the MA Programme in Critical Sociology, and the MA Programme in Social Justice and Equity Studies.

We are especially pleased to be hosting this conference in association with the Institute of Critical Animal Studies as the 10th annual ICAS conference. As with past conferences, we welcome participation from both activists and academics. The conference will be completely vegan.

Please send a short proposal (2-3 paragraphs or enough details to describe your idea) to:
Deadline for submissions: January 15, 2011

We will consider proposals on any relevant topics but some suggestions include:
Animal exploitation industries (economic, environmental, ethical aspects)
Analyzing Industry Propaganda
Undercover investigations
Anarchy and animals
Animals in War
Current campaigns and issues in animal rights activism
Humane education
Horse Slaughter in Canada: Cashing in on US Legislation
Captivity: Animals in zoos and ?marine parks?
Vivisection and animals in scientific research
Biotechnology and animals
Historical understandings of animals
Animal rights history
Animal rights and social justice
Wildlife conservation and animal protection
Companion animals
Veganism and Vegetarianism
Meat and gender identities
Animals, labour and the working class
Compassion, empathy, solidarity
Animals and human identities
Wildlife trade
Social construction of animals
What animals think
Images of animals and animal activists
Developing animal rights activism and creating cultures of compassion