Monday, January 10, 2011

A Post of Links

I hope everyone had a good weekend, I know I did.

Remember, get those abstracts in for The Time of Revolution and the Revolution of Time, featuring Peter Gratton as the keynote speaker.

Speaking of Peter Gratton, I am happy to see he is one of the new editors of Society & Space.

This philosophy version of Monopoly seems awesome. For example, it features a picture of Foucault, telling you to go straight to the Panopticon. (h/t Foucault News)

Speaking of design work, Thomas Gokey has a post up beginning to work out his plan for a project GutenbAAAAARG. Looks pretty cool, doesn't it?

EJ is dissatisfied with ethical work that merely justifies what we already intuit to be true.

Tim Morton has been posting some interesting clips from this trippy old british children's show, Mr. Been. I suggest watching this clip.

MR Sheffield, one of the geniuses behind the band Zombies! Organize!! has a new blog, Why is my cat so sad?, which just has to be seen. I particularly like Luco the Cat's on-going interest in Buddhism. It does make me wonder what Morton will think of it, with his work on buddhophobia. (h/t and interesting commentary from Prodigies & Monsters).

Speaking of P+M, I got to hang out with them this weekend in Augusta, which was a blast. Though we kept having weird flashbacks to our time in Binghamton, including finding an used book in a bookstore that originally belonged to another PIC student. Augusta turned out to be pretty cool itself, like a very, very small slice of Portlandia. To get the reference, check out this song.