Saturday, January 23, 2010

More animal blogs?

I'm going to list the animal blogs I follow, but there are tons I have overlooked, including several obvious and important ones. Can people suggest more animal blogs for me to read, particularly if they are "critical"? I originally was trying the organize the list below into categories. And while some blogs that was fairly straightforward, it got annoying with others, so it is alpha by blog title.
I also know there are a lot of blogs that occasionally deal with animal issues, let me know about those too!, but I mostly only included blogs that significantly dealt with the question.
Thanks in advance.
UPDATE: As people give me links, I'll be adding them here.

Animal Blawg
Animal Ethics
Animal Law Coalition
Animal Obscura
Animal Person
Animal Rights: Abolition approach
Animal Rights & Anti-Oppression

Carol J. Adams

Green is the New Red


The Inhumanities
In Living Color


On Human-Non-Human Relations


A Thinking Reed
Thomas Paine's Corner

The Vegan Ideal
Vegans of Color
V for Vegan