Monday, May 24, 2010

Important Links

First up is the continued travesty and absurdity that is going on with Middlesex. I've not spent a lot of time blogging about it, because I feel that people with much larger audiences are doing great jobs. However, after the resent suspension of three faculty members and several students for protesting this crime against thought is simply too big of an atrocity. So, if you haven't been following what is happening, go to Save Middlesex Philosophy and find out what you can do to help.

Following up on the posts about Zamir on the question of veganism, Kazez has an interview up with Zamir. Highly worth reading. He certainly displays more ambiguity in this interview than I saw in the article. I still think his case for how the market will work is naive at best. I would find it more convincing if he could cite some historical examples where the market has responded the way he suggests.

Lastly, this article from National Journal lays out the ground of legislative battle being waged on behalf animal welfare very well. It's long, but I found it quite interesting and smart.