Thursday, August 12, 2010

An amazing looking conference coming up.

I'm currently at a college reunion, so I am missing what is going on in the internet (please save the best for me). Regardless, I wanted to share this conference coming up that I had intended to go to, but no longer can.

Commonalities: Theorizing the Common in Contemporary Italian Thought

a diacritics conference : 9/24 – 9/25/10 Cornell University, Ithaca, New York


  • Franco (“Bifo”) Berardi
  • Remo Bodei, “Goodbye to Community: Exile and Separation”
  • Cesare Casarino, “Universalisms of the Common”
  • Ida Dominijanni, “Wounds of the Common”
  • Roberto Esposito, “Community and Violence”
  • Michael Hardt, “Pasolini Discovers Love Outside”
  • Antonio Negri (via video conference)