Monday, August 9, 2010

Once more to the Derrida, dear friends, once more.

There have been any number of new posts on the Derrida question since I last posted on it. For sanity's sake, I'm not going to try and link to all of them.

Instead, I want to talk about two really funny things that have occurred because of this discussion. (1) The revival of this video, and the even cooler discovery of a freakin' sequel!!! All of the name callings, the misunderstanding, the pettiness and territorial pissings might be worth it, just for how funny those videos are.

(2) The other funny thing comes from the Why Can't I Quit You: Derrida Edition. Any number of people have repeated some version of they don't know how they ended up in the middle of drama drama derrida, and also they have constantly repeated to end this ceaseless and unending debate. It's funny, because it's the practice of deconstruction, just taken the viral form of social networking. Or a Kafka novel, which are pretty funny, too. Either way, you get drawn in, and you can never, ever, get off.